About Us

The Lifestyle offers:

♥ a large bar with storage for your coolers (Note: Alcohol is not provided or sold) 
 ♥ a resident DJ with state-of-the-art sound and light systems 
 ♥ a large dance floor complete with a go go cage 
 ♥ a 48” television in the lounge 
 ♥ a pool table (Gambling not permitted) 
 ♥ lots of comfy couches and cafe tables in the lounge areas 
 ♥ intimate social areas (perfect for first-time meets)
Playrooms are never closed and include: 
 ♥ free latex condoms 
 ♥ a large play area for (affectionately known as The Main Stage) 
 ♥ semi-private, curtained-off playrooms 
 ♥ a large 4-person shower, including towels 
 ♥ a St Andrew's Cross 
 ♥ a spanking/bondage bench 
 ♥ a bondage chair 
 ♥ two sex swings
Membership is restricted to persons over 25 years of age.

Singles males are not allowed in the playrooms unless invited and 
must leave the playrooms with the person/people who invited them.
Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Eff Dec Jan 1, 2018